Team Caffeine2Code
Marko Divéky
Marko Divéky Marko designed the basic functionality of the whole system, i.e. adaptability of knowledge materials and automatic generation of three-dimensional educational games. He administrated the database and the system server. Marko is the author of papers that were submitted to the Imagine Cup competition and to a number of conferences.
Peter Jurnečka
Peter Jurnečka Peter created the design and implemented the functionality of user interfaces of applications, such as the Knowledge Viewer and Editor, the platform for creating educational games and the viewer of players' estimated level of knowledge. Peter also administrated the system server and all web services.
Rudolf Kajan
Rudolf Kajan Rudolf implemented the in-game logic in scripts of the utilized game engine, and also created a number of three-dimensional models that raised the attractiveness of educational games to a higher level. Rudo created all in-game components, such as the player's inventory, the dialog system and the in-game Knowledge Viewer.
Ľuboš Omelina
Ľuboš Omelina Ľuboš administrated the core of the utilized game engine and created modules that enable the engine to communicate directly with the system database and applications. He is the author of algorithms for generating the in-game world. Ľuboš also contributed to the creation of interfaces for handicapped students.
Professor Mária Bieliková
Professor Mária Bieliková Professor Bieliková was the team's mentor. She has given us many valuable ideas and tips and supported the team not only during good, but also during bad times.