We would like to thank both students and teachers at the Elementary School for the Vision-impaired and Blind and the Specialized Elementary School for Vision-impaired Students at Svrčia ul. 6 in Bratislava. Our thanks also goes to teachers and students at the Elementary and Grammar School for Physically-handicapped at Mokrohájska ul. 3 in Bratislava for a number of consultations, improvement tips, recommendations, and also for throughoutly testing our system. A special thank you goes to the directors of these facilities - PaedDr. Jozef Šimko and PhDr. Štefan Tvarožek - for their support.

We thank Karol Vosátko and Peter Výrostko for their invaluable assistance and help in preparing the presentation of our project for the Imagine Cup 2007 worldwide finals in Seoul, South Korea. Our thanks also goes to Ing. Nadežda Andrejčíková for getting us professionals with the help of whom we improved our presentation and rhetoric skills.

Last, but not least, we thank Professor Mária Bieliková, our mentor, who had a great share in our project's success, for her active support and valuable ideas.