We live in a world where production drives the consumption. Every year hundreds of billions of new items are produced. New items are produced to satisfy our changing needs, or as a substitute for our older models. Every year a lot of perfectly good items are thrown away just because we don’t need them any more. This is our glamorous loop of production that will always be here for us. Or won’t?

We might not realize that, but to maintain this cycle, we have to take the resources from somewhere and we have to eventuelly put somewhere to etiolate. Because we live here and have no elsewhere to go, both of those places happens to be our Earth. Now think again. Is that cycle really endless?

There are a plenty of things in our lives. We need some of them urgently and we can't have some due to different reasons. On the other hand we have many things, we don't use or don't need at this time. When people want a new thing they buy it, even though there is somebody, who has this thing and does not use it. If we have something we let it somewhere instead of helping somebody or we waste it.


System Present motivates people to donate their stuff and it also motivates them to get things, that other are willing to give. This concept is pushed even one step further by introducing impressive experience by map interface. Present focuses on helping every single man, because everyone can give something of his own. Furthemore everyone can give a helping hand the environment, protecting it from raising of productivy and from making useful things a junk.

Video presentation

With Present...

  • we can share, what's ours, with each other.
  • we can ease demand on our environment by reusing items.
  • we can ease demand on our wallet by borrowing instead buying.
  • we can easily participate and donate benefit gatherings.
  • we can enjoy most interesting objects with with IntelliView subsystem
  • we can give our time, our knowledge and experience or we can help somebody by bringing him the item.
  • we can Present.... to save the present