Our team - FuTuRe

Anton Benčič
Anton designed and implemented the systems' overal architecture, the side tabs and the animation visualization subsystem.

Roman Mészároš
Roman dealt with items and users evaluation, recommendations and personalization of the application.

Roman Panenka
Roman designed social network authentication subsystem. Roman dealt also with items evaluation and personalization of the application.

Márius Šajgalík
Márius designed and implemented information visualization on the map.

Michal Barla
Michal Barla was our mentor. He gave us many ideas and supported the team during the toughest times.

Our achievements

  • Imagine Cup - World Final Warsaw
  • Imagine Cup - Slovak Final - 1. place
  • IIT.SRC - Czechoslovakia Section of IEEE Prize

Our thanks

We want to thank all the people who helped us to realize this project and supported us with their knowledge and advice. We give our best thanks to PeWe group members, PeWe workshop participants,professor Maria Bieliková and other students.

Last, but not least, we thank Michal Barla, our mentor, who had contributed a lot in our success, for her active support,valuable advices and his willingness to help every time we need it.