Rounder concept

When the people are motivated through the use of WOWI to help others, they can do so for example by financial donation to an organization, which can help effectively on the place, but it needs funds. There are numerous options how to help financially today, for example by using donation boxes or donor SMS messages. However, these means have disadvantages like perplexity (predefined SMS message text) or they are not available (boxes).

Our solution - Rounder - makes this process easier and more available. It focuses on the payments by credit or debit cards and allows buyer to donate by rounding the amount being paid up in progressive steps. The difference between the original amount and the rounded amount that is paid is the donation.

This process is absolutely easy and in the case of purchase in a shop, only one button press is needed. Because the customer wants to make a decision who he wants to help, but he cannot do so directly in the shop, because of inappropriate conditions (abruptness, queue, lack of information), he can do so in the warmth of his home in the internet banking. To support the decision making process he has various information available through WOWI application, where he see what is organization's main interest, what it is doing and why funds are needed for its activities. Also, statistics about donations are available.

Prototype of modified internet banking

Catalog of organizations (organization selection, statistics, option to launch WOWI presentation of selected organization)

Easiness of the use of Rounder (prototype) in a shop

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