WOWI (Word Of Web Information)

WOWI is a concept, which allows information prezentation through a game. This concept is based on abstract structure, which is the basic element containing the whole game, user activity and information itself. This structure is represented by a graph. The game contains following elements:

1. Three-dimensional graph - vertices depict information objects and edges display relations between them. These two elements represent basic information holders. Vertices also have an attributes, which acquires various values.
2. Tools - affect attributes of user-selected vertices for a given cost.
3. Events - allow the creation of random occurences in the game and also to inform the user.

The aim of the user is to upkeep the highest amount of the vertices in the graph by caring for the needs of the vertices. The needs of given vertex are arising from unfavorable condition of its attributes. User tries to satisfy these needs effectively by applying the tools in voluminal manner. Use of the tools cost some resources, while the application of a tool to more vertices at once leads to discounted price and lower average price for one vertex. User can use the tools effectively by searching for a groups of vertices with similar needs . Score of the user is computed based on effectivity of his steps and length of the game.

Use is motivated to discover presented information by various means. For the effective use of tools he needs to be familiar with individual vertices and discover their needs, so he can find groups, where the application of a tool will be most effective. Actions of the user are compared to possible actions and their consequences and based of the relative effectivty the player is praised or receives hints. Overall score and other statistics together with comparation to other users - players provide motivation to the user to play again and play better. Repetitive playing will make the player better capture presented information and in order to achieve better score - more effective play, but also to gain resources (which are granted after checking the understanding of the presented topic), he needs to deeply understand all parts of the presentation/game and that means the embedded information too - which is the very goal of information presentation in general.

WOWI in the context of the A2M system

The WOWI concept is used in the A2M system for presentation of charitative organization. In this case organization presents to others what are its activites and also teaches them about problems, not only concerning other parts of the world. For example these organizations often want to pinpoint long-term aspect of the help - building a water well is sustainable solution from the long-term angle and it is better than repetitive partial solution (repeatedly bringing bottled water). Basic elements of WOWI are in this case of presentation - presentation of charitative activities (and prototype implementation of UNICEF organization) - mapped as following:

1. Graph vertices - depicts people needing help, for example living in Third World. Attributes of vertices are basic human needs - hunger, healthcare, education, etc. - and environment in which people live.
2. Graph edges - depict relations between people, either geographic or social. A disease can spread between two vertices located nearly (social interaction or geographical neighbourhood) or there can arise similar problems in close vertices due to geographical position (water source running dry).
3. Tools - either direct solutions for given needs (for example bringing bottled water), or more long-term oriented, but more costly solutions (bulding a water well)
4. Events - contain information created by evalution of user's actions - praise or hints for improving - and also cause random situations - global drought, floods, etc.

User tries to help the people represented in the graph by satisfying their needs - the user virtually gets to the role of charitative organization and he acts and take decisions in the same way as the organization does in reality. Through the costs of his activities and long-term effects he sees, that for example long-term solution (e.g. building a water well) is better, how costs arise and why it is needed to help.

As the prototype presentation of charitative organization through the WOWI for the A2M system, we created presentation of UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) in cooperation with this organization, which provided data (pictures, photos, etc.) and a variety of true stories captured in the presentation.

More Information

You can find information about other applications of WOWI concept, an opportunity to try them (including UNICEF presentation for the A2M system), demonstration video and other information directly on the page of WOWI project:

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