About the authors

Dr. Michal Barla

Our mentor, always in a good mood and full of enthusiasm, has been an important source of motivation for us. He's helped with establishing contact with other institutions and even offered his own dog for experiments. No worries, it's still alive.

Prof. Mária Bieliková

Our guide in project management and ... just about everything, actually. Always full of fresh ideas which helped drive the project forward. Thanks to her ideas, comments, suggestions, enthusiasm and perseverance, our presentations evolved from very nearly a catastrophe to nothing short of great.

Pavol Bielik

Paul is known for his German precision (although not notably present in his code indentation practices) and suspicious efficiency in all his work. Apart from his participation in the development of almost every part of our application, he focused on activity recommendation. Football, the occasional beer or baguette from Subway made him the ideal team member.

Peter Krátky

Our own graphic designer and photographer. His creative ideas were fully manifested in our posters and leaflets. Peter focused mainly on our application for parents. Never particularly keen on joining the heated debates (which, admittedly, generally lead nowhere), he was a source of peaceful and quiet reasoning within the team.

Štefan Mitrík

The only representative of East Slovakia in the team. His work focused mainly on our phone app. Steve was bringing humor into our team. Working with him often required repeated feedback, but he always admitted if he was wrong. Together with Peter, these two campus inhabitants were supportive of the social activities of the team.

Michal Tomlein

Michael's code is not only known for its extraordinary efficiency, perfect indentation and formatting, but also its *cough* complexity. He focused on the pedometer and the recognition of cheating. Micheal is always ready to point out your spelling errors and boy, did he have to do that a lot. Throughout the whole year, he had been increasing the other team members' quality of life through his informative and fun facts on the English language and other select topics from linguistics. He would always join any heated debate (mostly on Apple vs. the others), helpfully contributing his very specific ideas about the world.

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