About the project

Move2Play is a system, which solves a worldwide problem — the lack of physical activity. It's aim is to motivate people to do more physical activity and to improve their lifestyle.

With Move2Play, we participated in the Slovak national finale of the Imagine Cup 2011 competition, organised annually by Microsoft.

The “Move2Play” name represents the idea that exercise is the basis for the long-term enjoyment of the game called life. To solve the problem of insufficient physical activity, we use devices widely considered to be one of its causes — smartphones and computers. Move2Play is based on the results of our consultations with physicians, as well as our observation of present problems.

Apart from physical activity itself, we identified three key parts necessary to achieve long-term progress.

  • activity tracking,
  • activity evaluation with feedback,
  • recommendation of the appropriate amount and type of activity.

However, the most important part of our solution is motivation.

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